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Discover Your Style

Deanna is a New York based Fashion Stylist and  Costume Designer who has spend nearly two decades working in the  costume and fashion industry.

Deanna has spent much of her life and career working on various projects from photo shoots to creating costumes for an entire musical.  She sees fashion as a way to define the character and has the uncanny ability to develop an instant rapport with her clients.  Her unique work is infused with creativity and a keen eye for detail.

Her portfolio encompasses a multitude of media, ranging from high-end fashion to campaigns, film print, and extensive commercial work. 


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My Approach


Deanna takes a personalized approach is taken to styling. She believes each person is unique, and their style should reflect that. That's why she takes the time to get to know you and your individual needs. Her services include Styling for film, print, commercials, Professional runway dresser, costume design, and construction.  

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